Clothes shopping. It can fill people with a sense of dread for so many reasons. The fact you have to actually go! Or that you have to spend money, but you're not sure how to do either of those things effectively. Or maybe you have just lost your way.  Whatever the reason, a Personal Styling experience is not as unobtainable as you may first think. I work with both men and women, and it's a side of my job that consistently brings me joy and satisfaction. I'm honoured to be let into each client's home and feel that in some small way I am helping them. Please don't think you cannot get in touch when you are pregnant, I have shopped and styled women throughout each trimester, and beyond, and I passionately believe you do not always have to pick from maternity ranges if you know where to look. Feel free to get in touch with me about any of the options below, or ask any questions I may not have answered.

Wardrobe Detox: £70p/h (1hr minimum)

I come to your home and we go through everything in your existing wardrobe. I filter out what I think is no longer needed and also discover those items you may have forgotten you had. It's also a perfect opportunity for me to get to know a bit about you and chat through what you need vs your budget vs your life style. I then go away and compile a personalised look book/ mood board for you. I send this in PDF format, this will be yours to keep and refer to whenever you want. I will also plot out our day, based on your budget making sure we get everything on your hit list. You can choose a full or half day. 

PS Day x 6hrs: £420

PS Half Day x 3hrs: £210

Wardrobe Capsule: £70p/h (1hr minimum)

This is something I offer after our shop. It can be overwhelming when you get home laden with bags, everything that made sense on our shop can suddenly lose its context when mixed in with your existing wardrobe. What I do is come round and start putting all the combinations together. I will also photograph it (usually with you in it) and send you another PDF look book of all your combos. More often than not people will stick this on the inside of their wardrobes as a reference and a reminder not to stick to the old faithfuls.

On Line Shopping: £160

This is something I have recently started as I have had a few enquiries and requests for it. For me, nothing beats actually going in store and trying things on. Inconsistent sizing in stores these days makes it tricky to know what's going to fit. However, I totally understand some people's fear of shops and crowds and I want to cater and accommodate as much as I can. I highly recommend we do a WD alongside this, but its totally up to you. Either way a consultation by phone or Skype to chat through your needs and budget is required. I then go away and compile a shopping list of links filled with your wish list, as well as a PDF look book of all those options. 

Wedding Dress Styling: 

This is a bespoke service, please get in touch to discuss prices and how it works.