The Boot Edit

Winter is most definitely here and as always I have mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand- SO nice to be cosy, cook warming stews and get snuggly in the evening. But January is so long and dreary. I would far rather have gently sun toasted skin, be salty from frequent dips in the sea and have a balmy breeze disrupt the air. But 1: thats a non reality/romantic version of my summer months and 2: I don't love summer clothes with the passion I do A/W clothes, consequently winter months end up holding a certain allure. 

The key things for me, once we hit this season are. Snuggly coats, luscious knitwear and amazing boots. I struggle with the transition stage, as really, I just want to commit to all that multilayered knity-ness and all that squishy faux fur. Boots though, boots I eek out for long periods of time on each side of a season. They look great with bare legs, as well as tights- so with that in mind its worth investing in some really great ones, maybe pushing that budget a bit further than you normally would. Our feet, after all, are arguably the most active limbs on our bodies- so its worth treating them well. 

I have split up my findings to Ankle, Flats, Knee High and Mid Calf. As always there are a mix of prices that should satisfy most budgets. When buying boots, really think about your wardrobe and your lifestyle (I know I always say this). There is no point in buying a vertiginous pair of metallic blue stiletto boots, if you can't walk in them and they don't go with 60% of your wardrobe. Its harder to be comfortable on a smaller surface area than it is on a block heel. Low kitten heels are a nice compromise if you want something more delicate. Many women have bunions- not nice to highlight I know. It doesn't make it any less true though. We have them either because they are inherited or exacerbated by continuously forcing our feet into weird angles in beautiful shoes. Really you should avoid a pointed stiletto if this is the case. You can do an almond shaped shoe as an alternative, but round toe shoes should really be your preference.

I think its worth investing a one good flat pair and one good heeled pair (then go for your life with the bits in between). You will get your monies worth though, and they will go with everything from delicate wispy dresses, to suits, to jeans, tees and knitwear. As always, get in touch with any questions. 

Hope you enjoy, 

Love Immy. x